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Monday Musings: There are Chickens Everywhere!

I took this yesterday on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. The chickens strut around like they own the place and no one pays them any mind. I’m sitting eating chicken wings and got uncomfortable when one stood and stared at me for longer than usual. Why are there chickens on the beach?

Not just on the beach but EVERYWHERE! Outside my window waking me up at weird hours, outside the grocery store, even standing around outside KFC (I’m not kidding, it is awfully bold of them). The thing that boggles the mind is that no one thinks it is strange. People are so used to seeing them that it is not considered an oddity. It makes me question what are the “chickens” hanging around my life that I’ve gotten comfortable with? What are those things/people that are so out of place and/or so utterly ridiculous given where I’m going and what God has called me to?

The Cayman government has gone through a culling (a selective slaughter of wild animals) process with Iguanas. I think they need to cull some chickens next (apologies to my animal rights activist friends). I think I may need to cull some things/people from my life as well. What clucking chickens do you need to shoo away?


  • LaDonna Booker

    We have to be so careful not to be found hanging with or around the chickens when we’re eagles that soar high! Lord knows I don’t want to be found mingling in the dirt with chicken heads!

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