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Look up!

The day I took this picture I was in a HORRIBLE mood! It was my next to last day in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I was lost, had the beginnings of a migraine and the weather was rainy and depressing. It was supposed to be my “adventure” day.

I turned down this street grumbling because a car had just splashed me driving past. I looked up and stopped in my tracks. There . . . up in the sky was a pastel garden of umbrellas. Suspended in the air like a tapestry. I drank in the wonder of the moment and smiled. All around me people were laughing, pointing and taking selfies.

All of a sudden, in a matter of seconds, my mood lifted. I sat on the stairs and looked up at the beautiful artistic display for some time. The shift in my disposition was immediate. Creativity began to flow and I felt inspired, so I pulled out my journal. I noticed others around me scribbling in notepads as well.

Sometimes all you have to do is look up. That weight that feels so heavy may be lifted if you look up. That elusive answer to a plaguing problem could be waiting on you to look up. Inspiration could be kindled after you look up. “IT” could be just a glance away . . . look up.

Sometimes God uses the simplest things to get our attention. On this August day, it was colorful umbrellas. What will you discover when you look up?

San Juan, Puerto Rico


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