Happy Siblings Day!

It seems like these extra holidays just started appearing a few years ago. I don’t remember seeing anything about National Siblings day when I was growing up. However, I’m happy to pause and take a moment to celebrate the Fabulous Four (my siblings and I).

Who else knows your dysfunctional family secrets and keeps them because there shared? Who else knows your embarrassing childhood moments and ignores your complicated temperament? Siblings push your buttons like no one else can, yet know one else better because they’ll have to answer to your siblings.

My siblings are my best friends, my travel buddies, my go to confidantes, my advocates, and my mirror. They keep me humble and teach me about unconditional love. We are so much alike, yet so different.

They were my first students, audience, hair stylists, make-up artist, stinky diapers, dance partners, and singing group. At times we covered for each other, and other times we ratted each other out (generally to the parents). At all times we had each others’ back when outsiders threatened.

Today, I salute Monica, Marcella, and Matthew for allowing me to practice leading on you. Thank you for being my ride or dies!

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