Making Space

it is ill-advised to cram more into an already packed space. This is how things get damaged, chipped, and scarred. In order to receive you have to make space to do so. This is where regular purging comes in handy. I try to purge once a year. Usually in the week between Christmas and New Year. When I’m being more intentional, I purge as I head into Spring and the week mentioned above. However, this year I moved.

Moving is a beast in and of itself. However, it does afford you the opportunity to purge. I got rid of SO MANY THINGS! Things that were old, unused, dusty, had cracks, and even some things that still had tags on them. My question was simple, “have I used/worn/accessed this within the last year?” If the answer was no, I gave it away or threw it away.

Moving into a new season with intentionality requires purging. You have to get rid of things (and sometimes people) that are taking up space. If it is too heavy for you to carry or it is weighing you down, you may consider purging. If that person is taking up space with negative thoughts and destructive patterns, you may consider purging. If your hands, closets, pantry, etc. are overflowing, YOU SHOULD consider purging (and blessing somebody else). When you do this, you make space to receive more. Perhaps your feeling damaged, chipped, or scarred. You should ask yourself, am I cramming too much into an already packed space? What areas of my life do I need to create more space?

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