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Sunshine Ahead

London, Notting Hill

It rained 10 out of the 15 days I was in Europe. Talk about a wet blanket. I came prepared. The weather forecast had told me in advance what to expect. Still, the reality was disappointing. Sometimes no matter how well we plan, no matter how prepared we think we are, life disappoints. It rains on our well-planned and expensive parades.

Unfortunately, none of us can control the weather. Neither can we control torrential downpours of life issues. However, we can prepare. I already told you that I was physically prepared for the possibility of rain. I’d packed a raincoat, an umbrella, and appropriate footwear. But, the truth is I hadn’t prepared my heart for the possibility of rain. I had my heart set on basking in the sun as I stood in front of the Louvre.

I wonder if others are like me? Do you have your heart set on something you know is going to be a challenge? You know it’s supposed to be a difficult merger/conversation/relationship? The forecast is predicting a storm, yet you are holding out hope for smooth sailing? If so, GOOD FOR YOU!!

I know you thought I would say something else. But, guess what? It’s going to rain. Storms are heading your way. Dark times engulf us all. No matter who you are and how well you prepare. So, I encourage you to do what I did in Europe. Breathe through the disappointment. Put on your rain boots and hats and BRAVE THE STORM! I found beauty in the puddles and strolled briskly through quaint alleyways. I was awed by ancient castles and made new friends in coffee shops as I ran for cover. I resolved to not allow the rain to derail my trip and occasionally I caught glimpses of the sun.

Brave the storm my friend. No matter how gloomy or cloudy your life looks right now, know that your resolve to keep going is building character and strengthening your internal muscles. I’m so glad trouble (rain) don’t last always (shoutout to the Rev. Timothy Wright). BRAVE THE STORM, my friend . . . there is SUNSHINE AHEAD!

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