Another Year, Another Chance

There are few things better in life than do-overs. I am a huge fan of cheesy Hallmark movies. I love the ones when the main character has a chance to rekindle a forgotten or missed opportunity with a lost love/town/business. To me this is reminiscent of another chance. Another chance to be bold. Another chance to be brave. Another chance to do that thing you that frightens you.

I recently got another chance. I actually wish I could call it a second chance, but I can’t. I heard the same thing three years ago. Honestly, my doctors have been saying the same thing for the last ten years, “With your family history, you have to change your lifestyle. . .” or something very similar to that. Another chance to prioritize my health (for longer than the month of January). Another chance to extend my life. Another chance.

Creator God is benevolent that way. Another chance is built into every day. Every time the rises – we begin again. At the stroke of midnight that clock resets. If we are fortunate enough to open our eyes and breathe in a new day, we should thank God for another chance. Every December 31, we say goodbye to one year and welcome in a new year.

So, on the third day of 2022, let’s pause and thank God. We’ve graciously been given another chance. The question remains, “What are we going to do with it?”

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