About Me

For over 20 years I have worked with people during some of the most formative and stressful seasons of life. Beginning as a social worker with at-risk populations; serving as a pastor walking through life’s transitions; working as an advisor/mentor to undergraduate college students; most recently as a Dean at a graduate seminary. What I’ve discovered is that everyone is in pursuit of Shalom.

As I transition into a season of rest and reflection, I am keenly aware of the self-inflicted and society approved pressure to perform at all costs. My hope is that in this next chapter I can model and assist others to prioritize self-care. I am particularly interested in those who work in service industries (teachers, clergy, non-profit leaders, social workers, counselors, crisis responders, etc).

My desire to cultivate environments where individuals thrive has remained consistent throughout my life. Assessing environments and designing systems that maximize human thriving is one of the ways I accomplish this. To every opportunity, I bring strong administrative skills, proven programmatic and policy change success, collaborative leadership, an ethic of care coupled with an ethic of justice, and a solid interpersonal development philosophy that seeks to empower, serve, model, and embrace inclusivity.

Over the course of a lifetime, I have cultivated the habits of a professional bridge builder. I am passionate about building bridges across divides through healthy dialogue and compassion. As a bridge person I value hospitality. I strive to create warm and welcoming spaces where people can feel a sense of belonging.

In addition, my professional interests include advocacy for marginalized people groups, intercultural competency/diversity training and consulting, preaching and teaching, leadership & staff development, and policy/procedure implementation. My personal interests include travel, writing, baking, shopping, entertaining, reading, coffee, and spending time with my family.