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    Reclaiming Your Time

    This weeks post is a link to an article I wrote for a magazine contest. It was published today at Christian’s for Biblical Equality International. Even if you are not a Women in Ministry, I hope it encourages you! https://www.cbeinternational.org/blogs/women-ministry-reclaim-your-time?platform=hootsuite

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    Monday Musings: Shedding Illusions

    Illusions are powerful and often mistaken for truth. However, they are not the truth. They are lies. So, when did disillusionment become a bad thing? When we are stripped of our illusions then we are vulnerable. When we are stripped of our illusions we are open to see truth more easily. “Lord, Open our eyes, so that we may see.”

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    Monday Musings: Believing in Fairy Tales

    As a little girl, I dreamed of being rescued by the handsome prince and living happily ever after. Now, I am secure in the knowledge that my “rescue” = salvation and my redemption was purchased on a bloody hill. Happily ever after is a choice. It is not based upon a man, a feeling, or material things (like castles, ball gowns, and barbie dream houses). I choose to believe in fairy tales because miracles happen every day. I choose to believe in fairy tales because I’m loved in spite of my flaws. I choose to believe in fairy tales because I keep experiencing “once upon a time” moments. What about…

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    Three Simple Rules

    I love this quote because it is a reminder that we have to take responsibility for our lives. So many people sit back and wait for something to happen or worse yet EXPECT others to do for them. I’ve found the most fulfillment in stepping out on faith, taking risks, asking the hard conversations and watching God add the “super” to my “natural” abilities. The result ALWAYS far exceeds my expectations. Over and over again, the results of overcoming my fears and “going for it” end up being supernatural. Supernatural in the sense that there is NO WAY I could do it (get that job, survive that loss, maintain peace…

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    Sometimes I Forget: Reflections After a Worship Experience

    SOMETIMES I FORGET . . . Sometimes I forget and have to be reminded. Reminded of your love, reminded of your power, reminded of your faithfulness. Reminded that you are a promise keeper. That there is no sin too great that your love can’t reach. No shame so deep that you can’t cover. I have to be reminded that you cover me. Your love, your grace, your mercy – they cover me. Tonight, I was reminded. Reminded of your presence. Tonight I breathed in the presence of the Most High God and remembered. Remembered who I was. Remembered who He was. Remembered I was LOVED. Remembered I was CALLED. Remembered…

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    Black History Month Series: Living Legends

    I was sixteen years old when my parents divorced. My mother packed up her four children and we moved to Dayton, Ohio. It was my Sophmore year in high school. I was thrust into a new environment. I was worried about my mom and my siblings. I was heartbroken that my seemingly perfect life wasn’t so perfect anymore. But, most of all I was ANGRY at my father. One man stepped in and filled the immense void that was left when my father fell from the pedestal of my heart. This month I honor my spiritual father, Bishop Truman L. Martin. He took us out to MCL, inspected our report…

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    Look up!

    The day I took this picture I was in a HORRIBLE mood! It was my next to last day in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I was lost, had the beginnings of a migraine and the weather was rainy and depressing. It was supposed to be my “adventure” day. I turned down this street grumbling because a car had just splashed me driving past. I looked up and stopped in my tracks. There . . . up in the sky was a pastel garden of umbrellas. Suspended in the air like a tapestry. I drank in the wonder of the moment and smiled. All around me people were laughing, pointing and…

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    Monday Musings: There are Chickens Everywhere!

    I took this yesterday on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. The chickens strut around like they own the place and no one pays them any mind. I’m sitting eating chicken wings and got uncomfortable when one stood and stared at me for longer than usual. Why are there chickens on the beach? Not just on the beach but EVERYWHERE! Outside my window waking me up at weird hours, outside the grocery store, even standing around outside KFC (I’m not kidding, it is awfully bold of them). The thing that boggles the mind is that no one thinks it is strange. People are so used to seeing them that it…