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    Embracing Grace & Gratitude in Hard Times

    Part I: Grace & Gratitude Series As 2020 was winding down, I was preparing for a speaking engagement that focused on embracing grace & gratitude. These particular topics are near and dear to me. However, when we think of 2020, being grateful may be the last thing that comes to mind. The above picture lists a few of the crazy things that happened last year. We were isolated, scared, having to learn new ways of working and living, all while reassuring our spouses, kids, co-workers, bosses, and ourselves that things would be okay. I wish we could relegate this to a year, but the truth is it is still going…

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    Wonder Woman Syndrome

    Hello beautiful readers! I know it’s been a while. I am still writing though. Check out this CBE article that was released today. https://www.cbeinternational.org/resource/article/mutuality-blog-magazine/confronting-wonder-woman-syndrome-female-pastors-and

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    Embracing Uncertainty

    I don’t know. These three anxiety producing words are ringing loudly in the stratosphere right now. I-DON’T-KNOW when it will be safe to travel. I-DON’T -KNOW when we will physically be able to worship together in a church building. I-DON’T-KNOW when we will be able to go outside without a mask. I-DON’T-KNOW when I’ll be able to sit in a restaurant and enjoy a nice meal with friends. I-DON’T-KNOW when I will receive a steady paycheck again. I DON’T KNOW. These three words require vulnerability on the part of the speaker and the hearer. For the speaker, saying “I don’t know” implies that you are ignorant of what is to…

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    We will not be reduced: A response to the murder of Ahmaud Arbery & the innumerable others

    Decide not to be reduced. . . Mother Maya penned these words that serve as a battle cry of resistance. They act as a mantra for a people who refuse to be reduced by the reality of being black in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Since we arrived on these shores the demand on our bodies has been taxing. For decades we have paid the black tax to occupy the green space we call home. Too many others to name have paid the tax. . . Some in blood, some in tears, all in toil. The land of the free and the home of…

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    Yes, I am a master procrastinator. There – I admitted it. I wish I wasn’t. I plan not to be. But, somehow I always end up here. At the last minute, trying to pull a rabbit out of a non-existent hat. AGAIN! Here’s the thing. I’m GOOD at producing magic at the last minute. It’s high-quality – grade A “never would have guessed you just came up with that” work. That’s part of the problem. I’ve developed a habit of producing under pressure. So, I try to give myself “fake deadlines”. You know the ones you establish months/weeks before the actual deadline. In fact, I have multiple “self-imposed deadlines”. Such…

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    Build: Bridges

    It is amazing how many people get nervous when crossing bridges. I was in sunny Jacksonville, Florida last week and was reminded of this by two relatives. These two individuals do NOT like bridges at all. Whether it is due to past trauma, fear of heights/falling, or simply not liking the fact that you are crossing a body of water on a manmade structure – bridges are problematic for a LOT of people. I happen to like bridges. I think they are remarkable symbols of reconciliation. The fact that I can leave one landmass and travel to another landmass that is separated by water fascinates me. Two things separated by…

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    2020 Update

    Hello to everyone in the blogosphere! Thanks for staying engaged with me in my pursuit of shalom! 2019 was an AMAZING year. There were times when I was overwhelmed at the depth of Gods love towards me. He allowed me space and time to heal and grieve. Not only that, but He did it through the outlets of travel and writing. The fact that I never lacked one thing is a testament to the One who provides all things. WHAT AN AWESOME GOD WE SERVE! So naturally, when you come out of a miraculous season the question becomes – Okay God, What’s next? Where do we go from here? I’ve…

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    Dreaming Vs. Planning

    Have you ever met a person who is a dreamer? They can envision a certain idea, concept, event, future that is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Most dreamers are able to convey their dream to others in ways that spark excitement and passion in the hearer. I love dreamers! They are essential to any team or organization. However, dreamers are not necessarily doers. In fact, planning and execution are generally not strong characteristics for most dreamers (in my experience). Of course, this frustrates us planners. I mean REALLY frustrates us (I mean me). I consider myself a visionary. My imagination is vivid and I can envision a project, event, sermon, trip, and idea…

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    Monday Musings: Changing Seasons

    If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I love fall. September, October, and November hold a special place in my heart. It’s not just because of the changing of the leaves, the chance to wear warmer clothes and/or consume all things pumpkin related. It’s also because I feel a noticeable shift in the atmosphere. It is the fourth quarter and the end of the year is approaching. It is a season of thankfulness leading into a season of celebration. Change is all around us in the Fall. When the seasons change in our lives, there is also a shift. If you are self-aware…