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    The Decolonization of my Faith

    By Tasha Harris Today we welcome Guest Blogger, Tasha Harris to the pursuit! Tasha is the Owner of Adirah Health and Wholeness; Life and Performance Holistic Coaching Practice. She shares a piece of her amazing journey of discovery with us today. I have been privileged to witness the miraculous through her life since we were kids. She is a gifted singer, a savvy businesswoman, and is fiercely devoted to her family. Tasha is one of the people you call when you just want to laugh. I’m blessed to call her cousin. If you’d like to find out more about her, her contact information is at the end of the blog.…

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    My 2020 Story: Learning to Lean on God

    By Chayanne Conley Today we welcome Guest Blogger, Chayanne Conley to the pursuit! She is a Sophomore at Ohio Wesleyan University. Chayanne is pursuing a Psychology major and a minor in Spanish. She is a loving older sister, an amazing graphic artist, has the heart of a worshipper, and is my eldest niece! If you’d like to find out more about her, her contact information is at the end of the blog. Happy July!! 2020. In the future, everyone will feel some type of way when they hear that year (if you were old enough to live through it). Living through a pandemic and a mass of riots built up…

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    Racism is like 10,000 Paper Cuts

    by Carol F. Burton, CEO, Jeweld Legacy Group Today we welcome Guest Blogger, Carol F. Burton to the pursuit! She is the CEO of Jeweld Legacy Group, a consulting firm that focuses on building relationships that create equitable and transformative change in communities. She is also a wonderful travel companion, shoe diva, and my aunt! If you’d like to find out more about her, her contact information is at the end of the blog. Happy July!! Last weekend, I celebrated my 60th birthday. Even with COVID19 looming in the air and social unrest all around, this was by far the best birthday that I have ever witnessed.   This special milestone…

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    Embracing Uncertainty

    I don’t know. These three anxiety producing words are ringing loudly in the stratosphere right now. I-DON’T-KNOW when it will be safe to travel. I-DON’T -KNOW when we will physically be able to worship together in a church building. I-DON’T-KNOW when we will be able to go outside without a mask. I-DON’T-KNOW when I’ll be able to sit in a restaurant and enjoy a nice meal with friends. I-DON’T-KNOW when I will receive a steady paycheck again. I DON’T KNOW. These three words require vulnerability on the part of the speaker and the hearer. For the speaker, saying “I don’t know” implies that you are ignorant of what is to…

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    We will not be reduced: A response to the murder of Ahmaud Arbery & the innumerable others

    Decide not to be reduced. . . Mother Maya penned these words that serve as a battle cry of resistance. They act as a mantra for a people who refuse to be reduced by the reality of being black in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Since we arrived on these shores the demand on our bodies has been taxing. For decades we have paid the black tax to occupy the green space we call home. Too many others to name have paid the tax. . . Some in blood, some in tears, all in toil. The land of the free and the home of…

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    Yes, I am a master procrastinator. There – I admitted it. I wish I wasn’t. I plan not to be. But, somehow I always end up here. At the last minute, trying to pull a rabbit out of a non-existent hat. AGAIN! Here’s the thing. I’m GOOD at producing magic at the last minute. It’s high-quality – grade A “never would have guessed you just came up with that” work. That’s part of the problem. I’ve developed a habit of producing under pressure. So, I try to give myself “fake deadlines”. You know the ones you establish months/weeks before the actual deadline. In fact, I have multiple “self-imposed deadlines”. Such…

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    The Valley of the Shadow of Death

    The death toll is rising. Rising in the United States and rising among my community. The numbers are staggering. It is no longer far away. It’s close to home. People I know are dying. Not just people I know, but people who look like me. People who have pre-existing conditions. High blood pressure, overweight, history of heart disease and diabetes in the family. Wait . . . that’s me – check, check, check. We entered holy week with these harsh realities. Much like a certain Jewish carpenter did thousands of years ago. The task before him was daunting. He ate dinner with his betrayer and begged the Father to release…

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    The Fallacy of Fear

    Fear moves people to do stupid things. It is in and of itself a dangerous fallacy. Fear provokes anxiety, anxiety cripples. FEAR NOT. Fear strips rational thought. It hoards the unnecessary and stockpiles the ridiculous. FEAR NOT. Fear is a fallacy. A fallacy is a mistaken belief. I choose faith over fear. My faith believes in someone higher, bigger, stronger, and wiser than fear. My faith believes in a love that conquers, captures, and casts out fear. FEAR NOT. Don’t believe the fallacy of fear – believe in the reality of love. FEAR NOT my friend, LOVE NEVER FAILS!

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    When the World is Off Kilter

    Do you remember playing with spinning tops growing up? Those glorious toys that you could spin and watch tilt this way and that way. The toy would spin in perfect symmetry for as long as we wanted it to. The gorgeous spinning colors captured our senses and left us in a state of awe and wonder. Truthfully, the best thing about this toy was that the user was in control of the spinning. With a flick of the wrist you could set it off on its merry way, and then you could stop it by placing your hand on top of it. This last week we’ve watched our world spin…