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    My First Solo Travel Adventure

    Unexpected changes. Sickness. Cancellations. Two years ago, all of this led to the daunting realization that I would be alone in Niagara Falls to celebrate my birthday. As my birthday approaches once again, I pause to reflect on this life-changing event. I didn’t want to go by myself. Up until this time, traveling had always been a group adventure. I’d traveled with tour groups and I’d traveled with girlfriends. However, I’d NEVER traveled (apart from holidays to see family and work) by myself. One word changed all of this: NON-REFUNDABLE. Once I discovered that I couldn’t get my money back without a significant penalty, I determined in my heart to…

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    The Gift of Dance

    I’m not sure when it happened. I can’t place the exact time, moment, or event that took place. All I know is that one day I woke up and realized that I had lost my dance. So caught up in the mundane complexities of a life of service to others I sat in church one Sunday and realized that I hadn’t danced in YEARS. Yes, I said YEARS. For some of you, this will seem strange. However, I grew up in a culture, specifically a church culture, that used dance as an expression. An expression of joy, pain, victory, hope, praise, and thanksgiving. It wasn’t unusual to dance or “shout”…

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    Monday Musings: Release

    Definition of release transitive verb 1: to set free from restraint, confinement, or servitude 2: to relieve from something that confines, burdens, or oppresses 3: to give up in favor of another  intransitive verb: to move from one’s normal position (as in football or basketball) in order to assume another position or to perform a second assignment NOUN: 1: relief or deliverance from sorrow, suffering, or trouble 2a: discharge from obligation or responsibility b(1): relinquishment of a right or claim (2): an act by which a legal right is discharged specifically: a conveyance of a right in lands or tenements to another having an estate in possession 3a: the act or an instance of liberating or freeing (as from restraint) 4: the…

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    My Next Adventure

    I’m sunning on the beach in beautiful Punta Cana! Just checking in with you to say I hope you are enjoying life as much as I am. Take a moment and soak up the sun wherever you are today. I look forward to sharing my travel adventures in the Dominican Republic with you soon! SHALOM!

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    Monday Musings: The world is waiting

    I am humbled to think that I am a part of God’s great story of redemption. You should be as well. After all, He doesn’t just give us dreams, gifts, talents, and resources for our own benefits. He equips us so that we can be change agents in the world. You, my friend, are destined to participate with the God of the universe in His relentless quest to transform hearts and minds. Isn’t that amazing? Can you believe it? Can you embrace it?

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    Global Learning

    There is so much to see, do and learn in this vast world. Don’t confine yourself to your little corner. Get out there and explore! I promise you won’t regret it. In fact, you might meet discover that travel changes how you see yourself. I’m off to the Dominican Republic. See you soon friends!

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    Monday Musings: Your Choice

    I often refer to my trip to Italy as the catalyst for my wanderlust. However, as I was going through pictures, I discovered that it was actually my 35th birthday cruise that ignited a fire within me for travel. In Nassau, I was surrounded by brown faces in a brown nation that was foreign to me. It was then that I decided to dive deep into exploring cultures different from my own. I decided to become a student of life. In a way, every week is a fresh opportunity to grow, change, adapt, and discover. It is your choice whether you seize the opportunity or remain the same. Welcome to…

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    Things to do in Las Vegas (that don’t involve gambling and partying)

    I’ve always wanted to go to Vegas, just to see what all the hype was about. It certainly lived up to its reputation. Everything is EXCESSIVE in Vegas! I left with a headache and a need to retreat from all of the stimuli (fellow introverts can relate). But, I had a blast! Below are a few highlights from my trip. Attractions/Must-Sees I know this will be weird to some, but my dad was a HUGE mafia movie fanatic. I’ve watched every mob movie that exists at least three times each. So, when I saw the Mob Museum I knew I had to go. I found a great price on Groupon…

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    Monday Musings: Time

    Last week, I lost an Uncle. It was sudden and completely unexpected. It was eerily similar to the loss of my dad. No matter how educated, religious, wealthy, or polished you are death grips like a ferocious beast and instantly changes things. Death plays no favorites; it is an equalizer. My family came together, as they always do and we remembered, we honored, we celebrated. Death also causes you to appreciate life. The time we have here on earth is finite. None of us know when our time will be up. So, at the cusp of this week, with the memories of Uncle Bobby running through my mind, I’m determined…