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    Monday Musings: UNDONE

    I love it when a plan comes together. There is something so satisfying about being on the other side of a well-executed plan. Whether it’s checking off items on a “to-do” list or basking in the aftermath of a successful event, getting things done; to me, is like scoring a touchdown is to a football player. Consequently, when plans begin to unravel and what I’ve done becomes undone it COMPLETELY throws me off! Over the years, I’ve gotten better at rolling with the punches. But, this is still a source of frustration. Particularly, when it comes to my life and time. So, as you can imagine God and I have…

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    Monday Musings: Imagine

    Amidst news of shootings, families being torn apart, conspiracy theories, and our individual chaos the current reality is OVERWHELMING! Taking time and finding space to envision something different is equally daunting. However, unless we imagine a different future we remain rooted in the present. So, this week I encourage you to prioritize time to dream and space to imagine. Allow yourself to form a mental image of where you want to be and how you want to get there. Let’s imagine together!

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    Monday Musings: America, We Have A Problem

    Two more mass shootings. This time one occurred three blocks from my mother’s job. In the place where I grew up. I held my breath as names of the injured were released. I called my family and friends to make sure everyone was okay. America, WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Numbers don’t lie. You can lie to yourself. But, the numbers don’t lie. There have been 250 mass shootings in 2019 alone. In one year! According to Wikipedia, The definition of “mass shooting” is an incident in which four or more people, excluding the perpetrator(s), are shot in one location at roughly the same time. America, WE HAVE A PROBLEM. When…

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    Monday Musings: The Three C’s

    Choice. Chance. Change. Three powerful words. Every morning we wake up we are faced with thousands of choices. Each one integrally tied to the other. Is today the day that you take a chance and pitch that new idea? Is it the week that you dust off that business plan and/or complete your manuscript? Are you ready for the change that will occur if you make that choice and take that chance? Three C’s that have the power to transform your life. Simple, yet profound. As you enter this week, What choices are you contemplating? What chances are you taking? What changes are you making?

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    Monday Musings: Divine Intercession

    “Who then is the one who condemns? No one. Christ Jesus who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.” Romans 8:34 (NIV) Jesus, the Son of God, is actively interceding on our behalf. RIGHT NOW! If that doesn’t give you pause, I don’t know what else will. Like, doesn’t he have anything better to do? If I was him I’d be walking the streets of gold, checking on mansion preparation, basking in the adoration of the angels, or simply talking to the Father about deep cosmic concerns. But no, he is interceding for you and me. Dictionary.com defines intercede…

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    Monday Musings: Are you laughing enough?

    Last night I attended a comedy show and laughed until my side ached. This was fitting because over the holiday my sister-in-law shared a statistic about kids laughing exponentially more than adults. According to an article in Psychology Today, “The average four-year-old laughs 300 times a day. The average 40-year-old? Only four. “ Now, I don’t know if these stats are true. But, I know I don’t laugh enough. So, I’m determined to up my laughter quota. Won’t you join me this week? It will certainly help us in our pursuit of shalom. I’d love to hear from you if you decide to join me on the quest to increase…

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    Monday Musings: Help Somebody Cross

    Recently, Tyler Perry was awarded the “Icon” award by BET. In his moving acceptance speech, he talked about “helping somebody cross”. This adage became a litany throughout his speech. As you listen to Tyler’s speech below, I invite you to reflect on those who have “helped you cross” and reach out to them in gratitude this week. Along with that, ask yourself if you’ve done all that you can to help others “cross” (succeed, advance, overcome) around you. As you start your week, perhaps there is someone who has been on your mind that you need to reach out to. In our busyness, let us not ignore the still small…

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    Making Space

    it is ill-advised to cram more into an already packed space. This is how things get damaged, chipped, and scarred. In order to receive you have to make space to do so. This is where regular purging comes in handy. I try to purge once a year. Usually in the week between Christmas and New Year. When I’m being more intentional, I purge as I head into Spring and the week mentioned above. However, this year I moved. Moving is a beast in and of itself. However, it does afford you the opportunity to purge. I got rid of SO MANY THINGS! Things that were old, unused, dusty, had cracks,…

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    Monday Musings: Keep Moving!

    Do you remember when you first learned to ride a bike? It seemed like a HUGE undertaking. Keeping your balance without the use of training wheels, trusting that your forward momentum would propel you – that was such a milestone! Now, most of us can ride on autopilot; even if we haven’t ridden in years. Albert Einstein says that life is kind of like that. If we only keep moving, we’ll retain, remember, or re-calibrate. In his letter to the church at Philippi, the Apostle Paul says it like this: I’m not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my…

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    Reality Check

    As a child, we all had a picture of what our lives would look like when we grew up. I was a typical little girl who played house with Barbie and Ken and dreamed of beautiful, well-dressed children; a handsome husband; a big house; and a great job. At forty-four, 1 out of 4 of these has become a reality. In fact, I’ve had several great jobs. But, life hasn’t turned out how I imagined it would. I know I am not alone in this. There are people who are locked in perpetual disappointment because they can’t let go of the picture of how it was “supposed” to be. I…