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    Monday Musings: Imagine

    Amidst news of shootings, families being torn apart, conspiracy theories, and our individual chaos the current reality is OVERWHELMING! Taking time and finding space to envision something different is equally daunting. However, unless we imagine a different future we remain rooted in the present. So, this week I encourage you to prioritize time to dream and space to imagine. Allow yourself to form a mental image of where you want to be and how you want to get there. Let’s imagine together!

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    No Regrets

    Explore. Dream. Discover. Live life to the fullest. All great ACTION words. However, we don’t think of “regret” as an action word, do we? Regret is a feeling or emotion. Regret is the result of an action not taken, a road not traveled, a conversation not had. It is a reminder of when fear got the best of us and we backed off instead of pushing forward. Regret is always connected to a past event. Aww . . . this is where the hope comes in. I don’t regret something that has not happened yet. Today, I have a fresh start. A brand new opportunity to Explore; to Dream; to…