• Faith

    The Fallacy of Fear

    Fear moves people to do stupid things. It is in and of itself a dangerous fallacy. Fear provokes anxiety, anxiety cripples. FEAR NOT. Fear strips rational thought. It hoards the unnecessary and stockpiles the ridiculous. FEAR NOT. Fear is a fallacy. A fallacy is a mistaken belief. I choose faith over fear. My faith believes in someone higher, bigger, stronger, and wiser than fear. My faith believes in a love that conquers, captures, and casts out fear. FEAR NOT. Don’t believe the fallacy of fear – believe in the reality of love. FEAR NOT my friend, LOVE NEVER FAILS!

  • Faith

    Sometimes I Forget: Reflections After a Worship Experience

    SOMETIMES I FORGET . . . Sometimes I forget and have to be reminded. Reminded of your love, reminded of your power, reminded of your faithfulness. Reminded that you are a promise keeper. That there is no sin too great that your love can’t reach. No shame so deep that you can’t cover. I have to be reminded that you cover me. Your love, your grace, your mercy – they cover me. Tonight, I was reminded. Reminded of your presence. Tonight I breathed in the presence of the Most High God and remembered. Remembered who I was. Remembered who He was. Remembered I was LOVED. Remembered I was CALLED. Remembered…

  • Radical Reconciliation

    How Do We Learn to Love Our Neighbors? A Lesson from my Mother

    This article was first published in Contact Magazine: Gordon Conwell’s Ministry Magazine Fall 2017 edition By age 16, my family had moved a total of nine times. Nine different cities, nine different neighborhoods. A plethora of different neighbors. We always moved to places where we were one of the only people of color. We were ALWAYS the “others,” the “those people;” the “strangers.” I was used to smiling and going out of my way to try and make people comfortable with my “otherness.” In the sea of names, faces and people that make up my collective memories, one person stands out: Mrs. B. It was the day after one of our many move-ins. I was in the…