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    Monday Musings: Changing Seasons

    If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I love fall. September, October, and November hold a special place in my heart. It’s not just because of the changing of the leaves, the chance to wear warmer clothes and/or consume all things pumpkin related. It’s also because I feel a noticeable shift in the atmosphere. It is the fourth quarter and the end of the year is approaching. It is a season of thankfulness leading into a season of celebration. Change is all around us in the Fall. When the seasons change in our lives, there is also a shift. If you are self-aware…

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    Monday Musings: Fences

    Merriam-Webster’s defines a fence as “a barrier intended to prevent escape or intrusion or to mark a boundary”. In ancient civilizations, fences were the first line of defense and a means of protection. In our own way, we each build up fences to protect those things we hold dear. We fence in our hearts, our dreams, our ambitions, our secret thoughts. Sometimes we fence in people. Sometimes we fence in possessions. Building boundaries as a form of defense is natural and necessary. Fortifying Fences A while ago, I began to let down a fence I had erected around a particular person. It felt safe. They’d done a few things that…

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    Monday Musings: It’s Covered!

    My car was making this weird noise. It was a grinding, annoying noise that made me cringe when I heard it. It was the kind of noise that made me immediately think LOTS of dollar signs. I was five months into my year sabbatical. Translation – I DIDN’T HAVE A JOB! I was living off of savings. So, you can imagine the anxiety I was feeling as this unexpected expense stared me in the face. Biting the bullet, I headed to the Ford dealership. Normally, I would take it to a local mechanic. But, I had a couple of safety recalls that needed to be addressed so I figured I…

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    Monday Musings: Do-Over

    Have you ever wished for a do-over? For a chance to take back a harsh word, re-do a botched assignment, or completely start all over again. I have. In fact, I have entire weeks that I’d like to “do-over”. Weeks where I completely dropped the ball. Weeks where I walked through life in a fog and missed important moments. Just plain AWFUL weeks. Yep, I’d love to be able to push a button and rewind time like that movie “Groundhog day”. But, life doesn’t work like that. Or does it? Every Monday we have a chance to start over again. Monday’s are like mini New Years. The key is to…

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    Monday Musings: The Three C’s

    Choice. Chance. Change. Three powerful words. Every morning we wake up we are faced with thousands of choices. Each one integrally tied to the other. Is today the day that you take a chance and pitch that new idea? Is it the week that you dust off that business plan and/or complete your manuscript? Are you ready for the change that will occur if you make that choice and take that chance? Three C’s that have the power to transform your life. Simple, yet profound. As you enter this week, What choices are you contemplating? What chances are you taking? What changes are you making?

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    Monday Musings: The world is waiting

    I am humbled to think that I am a part of God’s great story of redemption. You should be as well. After all, He doesn’t just give us dreams, gifts, talents, and resources for our own benefits. He equips us so that we can be change agents in the world. You, my friend, are destined to participate with the God of the universe in His relentless quest to transform hearts and minds. Isn’t that amazing? Can you believe it? Can you embrace it?

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    Monday Musings: Your Choice

    I often refer to my trip to Italy as the catalyst for my wanderlust. However, as I was going through pictures, I discovered that it was actually my 35th birthday cruise that ignited a fire within me for travel. In Nassau, I was surrounded by brown faces in a brown nation that was foreign to me. It was then that I decided to dive deep into exploring cultures different from my own. I decided to become a student of life. In a way, every week is a fresh opportunity to grow, change, adapt, and discover. It is your choice whether you seize the opportunity or remain the same. Welcome to…

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    Monday Musings: Time

    Last week, I lost an Uncle. It was sudden and completely unexpected. It was eerily similar to the loss of my dad. No matter how educated, religious, wealthy, or polished you are death grips like a ferocious beast and instantly changes things. Death plays no favorites; it is an equalizer. My family came together, as they always do and we remembered, we honored, we celebrated. Death also causes you to appreciate life. The time we have here on earth is finite. None of us know when our time will be up. So, at the cusp of this week, with the memories of Uncle Bobby running through my mind, I’m determined…