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    Another Year, Another Chance

    There are few things better in life than do-overs. I am a huge fan of cheesy Hallmark movies. I love the ones when the main character has a chance to rekindle a forgotten or missed opportunity with a lost love/town/business. To me this is reminiscent of another chance. Another chance to be bold. Another chance to be brave. Another chance to do that thing you that frightens you. I recently got another chance. I actually wish I could call it a second chance, but I can’t. I heard the same thing three years ago. Honestly, my doctors have been saying the same thing for the last ten years, “With your…

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    Half Way Submerged

    Have you ever experienced moments where you felt like you were barely keeping your head above water? Those times when you are fiercely dog pedaling under the surface just to stay afloat? You have to keep moving. You have to keep going because if you don’t you will sink into the oblivion of whatever you’re submerged in (debt, a bad marriage, troubled teenagers, depression, etc.) Well, that’s not what I’m talking about today. Those times happen for all of us. Hopefully, we have a solid support system to throw us a rope, a lifesaver, or just direct us to shallower waters where we can stand firmer. Today, I’m writing about…

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    The Lie of Superwoman Syndrome

    Part II: Grace and Gratitude Series. Adapted from an article that first appeared in CBE’s blog, Mutuality, on 10/15/2020 (www.cbeinternational.org). Grace. That supernatural favor, help, or enablement. We can receive it and we can extend it. I’d like to begin this Women’s History Month with an eye towards grace. Because ladies, let’s be honest, we don’t give ourselves enough grace. We have embraced the societal, generational, and cultural LIE that demands that we swoop in and “save the day”. This doesn’t mean that we can’t – we know we can because we’ve done it time and time again. But, just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. “Super Woman Syndrome”…

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    Embracing Grace & Gratitude in Hard Times

    Part I: Grace & Gratitude Series As 2020 was winding down, I was preparing for a speaking engagement that focused on embracing grace & gratitude. These particular topics are near and dear to me. However, when we think of 2020, being grateful may be the last thing that comes to mind. The above picture lists a few of the crazy things that happened last year. We were isolated, scared, having to learn new ways of working and living, all while reassuring our spouses, kids, co-workers, bosses, and ourselves that things would be okay. I wish we could relegate this to a year, but the truth is it is still going…

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    Wonder Woman Syndrome

    Hello beautiful readers! I know it’s been a while. I am still writing though. Check out this CBE article that was released today. https://www.cbeinternational.org/resource/article/mutuality-blog-magazine/confronting-wonder-woman-syndrome-female-pastors-and

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    2020: The Year when Soap Operas Came to Life

    My Aunt was a Young and the Restless fan. Aunt Geraldine babysat us for years. My sisters and cousins watched Y&R because she watched Y&R. Soon, it became an addiction. The lies, drama, fighting, kidnapping, kissing, cheating, and overall mayhem made our daily lives seem boring in comparison. I use to drool over Neil Winters (rest in peace Kristoff St. John) & Malcolm Winters (Shemar Moore). I still marvel that Victor doesn’t seem to age. At one point, I was so engrossed in the storylines that I would dream about the possible outcomes. But, in the end, my real life intruded on the fictional plots and Genoa City became less…

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    My 2020 Story: Learning to Lean on God

    By Chayanne Conley Today we welcome Guest Blogger, Chayanne Conley to the pursuit! She is a Sophomore at Ohio Wesleyan University. Chayanne is pursuing a Psychology major and a minor in Spanish. She is a loving older sister, an amazing graphic artist, has the heart of a worshipper, and is my eldest niece! If you’d like to find out more about her, her contact information is at the end of the blog. Happy July!! 2020. In the future, everyone will feel some type of way when they hear that year (if you were old enough to live through it). Living through a pandemic and a mass of riots built up…

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    Racism is like 10,000 Paper Cuts

    by Carol F. Burton, CEO, Jeweld Legacy Group Today we welcome Guest Blogger, Carol F. Burton to the pursuit! She is the CEO of Jeweld Legacy Group, a consulting firm that focuses on building relationships that create equitable and transformative change in communities. She is also a wonderful travel companion, shoe diva, and my aunt! If you’d like to find out more about her, her contact information is at the end of the blog. Happy July!! Last weekend, I celebrated my 60th birthday. Even with COVID19 looming in the air and social unrest all around, this was by far the best birthday that I have ever witnessed.   This special milestone…

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    Embracing Uncertainty

    I don’t know. These three anxiety producing words are ringing loudly in the stratosphere right now. I-DON’T-KNOW when it will be safe to travel. I-DON’T -KNOW when we will physically be able to worship together in a church building. I-DON’T-KNOW when we will be able to go outside without a mask. I-DON’T-KNOW when I’ll be able to sit in a restaurant and enjoy a nice meal with friends. I-DON’T-KNOW when I will receive a steady paycheck again. I DON’T KNOW. These three words require vulnerability on the part of the speaker and the hearer. For the speaker, saying “I don’t know” implies that you are ignorant of what is to…