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    Three Simple Rules

    I love this quote because it is a reminder that we have to take responsibility for our lives. So many people sit back and wait for something to happen or worse yet EXPECT others to do for them. I’ve found the most fulfillment in stepping out on faith, taking risks, asking the hard conversations and watching God add the “super” to my “natural” abilities. The result ALWAYS far exceeds my expectations. Over and over again, the results of overcoming my fears and “going for it” end up being supernatural. Supernatural in the sense that there is NO WAY I could do it (get that job, survive that loss, maintain peace…

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    Monday Musings: Live in the Now!

    I went through a season where I kept putting things off. I was waiting to buy a house, waiting to start writing, waiting until I felt more confident to accept certain speaking engagements. Then, a series of people close to me died. Death has a way of making you embrace life. I decided to stop waiting. To begin crossing things off my bucket list. Every day I make a conscious decision to enjoy the moment I am in now. Friends, Stop waiting on all your ducks to be in a row before you step out. Live in the NOW!