Welcome to my blog! I consider this sacred space. You are welcomed to come on in and take your shoes off. I pray that what you find here feeds your soul. My desire is that something shared here will inspire you to dream bigger and become a better version of yourself. I hope you join me in my pursuit of Shalom.

This picture was taken on my 40th birthday trip to Italy. My worldview was changed and I discovered then that travel was my love language.  Shalom looks different for everyone. Part of this pursuit is finding out what makes you complete? What nourishes your soul?

My pursuit of shalom includes travel, faith, and radical reconciliation. These are things that represent wholeness, peace, and harmony to me. Faith is the fuel that drives me. Shalom means nothing if I don’t believe in the God that ordained it.

Finally, I’ve spent most of my career in the business of reconciliation. It is messy work. One of my favorite quotes is by noted theorist Jean Baker Miller. She states, “We all want to feel “seen, heard, and understood”. This is the foundation of all human interaction for me. The only way to promote open communication and trust is to see individuals as possessing the same human dignity as you; to value their voice and listen when they speak; and to seek to understand their perspective, even if it is different than your own.

I hope you’ll engage with me in pursuing Shalom. I’d love to hear about your pursuits. I’d love to hear what drives you. I’d love to hear and understand your perspective.

Welcome to the Pursuit of Shalom!