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Monday Musings: Drainy people

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Chances are you know a few people who drain the life out of you. These are the people you actively avoid. You dread it when their number shows up on your caller ID. There is always some drama, some woe-is-me story, some negative experience they want to share with you. We all know these type of people. But, do we recognize when we’ve BECOME these people. When the “drainy” person is you, are you aware of it?

Let’s purpose in our hearts to be fountains this week. Be the person that gives, nourishes, and refreshes; instead of the one that sucks and leaves others dry and depleted.


  • Dean Branson

    Hello Michelle,

    In my last role I had two co workers who were classic drains. I got to the point where I started shutting my office door when I knew they were around so they would not come in. I had conversations with them about the issue and their self perception was so far from what I experienced with them.

    When I think about a fountain you come to mind. The last two years I was at AU were so challenging. You filled me up, kept me going. I will forever be grateful for you.


    • Prov31mdw

      All of us have our drains. Thank you for being a fountain for me and others as well Dean! To be truthful, I felt like a drain sometimes at AU, so thanks for the affirmation that I was a fountain.

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