Sometimes I Forget: Reflections After a Worship Experience


Sometimes I forget and have to be reminded. Reminded of your love, reminded of your power, reminded of your faithfulness. Reminded that you are a promise keeper. That there is no sin too great that your love can’t reach. No shame so deep that you can’t cover.

I have to be reminded that you cover me. Your love, your grace, your mercy – they cover me. Tonight, I was reminded. Reminded of your presence. Tonight I breathed in the presence of the Most High God and remembered. Remembered who I was. Remembered who He was. Remembered I was LOVED. Remembered I was CALLED. Remembered HE IS GOOD! I needed this – because sometimes I forget.

I know I’m not alone in this. It doesn’t matter that I’ve walked with Him for thirty years. It pains me to admit that even though I’m called to lead others to Him – Sometimes I forget. Like the prodigal son who came to himself after being away; like the Israelites who murmured and complained about manna and consistently sought other gods – SOMETIMES I FORGET.

But, then you beckon me. You tell me to come and drink and REMEMBER. Remember that perfect love cast out all fears. You beckon me and my thirsty soul comes. Into a moment of worship. Into a pure, unadulterated, unhindered moment . . . with you. There happened to be hundreds of others around, but they all faded in the magnitude of the moment.

Sometimes I forget. But tonight, in worship, I remembered. Joy flowed like a river. Peace enveloped me like a warm hug. I REMEMBERED . . . my first love. The lover of my soul. The mender of my heart. The Healer of my body, mind, and soul. The all-sufficient One. Ah . . . there He is and here I am. In this place of safety and surrender. I REMEMBERED.

If you are like me and sometimes you forget, take a look at this:

If you are able to catch any of Travis Greene’s “See the Light” concert, I HIGHLY recommend it. Here’s the link for the remainder of the tour: See the Light Spring Tour

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