Monday Musings: It’s Covered!

My car was making this weird noise. It was a grinding, annoying noise that made me cringe when I heard it. It was the kind of noise that made me immediately think LOTS of dollar signs. I was five months into my year sabbatical. Translation – I DIDN’T HAVE A JOB! I was living off of savings. So, you can imagine the anxiety I was feeling as this unexpected expense stared me in the face.

Biting the bullet, I headed to the Ford dealership. Normally, I would take it to a local mechanic. But, I had a couple of safety recalls that needed to be addressed so I figured I might as well take care of everything at one place.

As anticipated, the initial estimate I was given was pricey. I mean $1500 worth of pricey. Naturally, I prayed and wondered (out loud to the Lord) “What about this situation is shalom inducing?” Guess what He said. NOTHING. Absolute silence.

The phone rings a few hours later and it’s the dealership. I answer with dread and hear, “I have good news for you. The noise you heard was a result of one of the issues that were addressed in the safety recall. Your car is ready and everything was covered under the recall.” After a moment of silence, I thank the man and hang up. I didn’t have to pay a dime. IT WAS COVERED!

Friends, I know I’m not alone in my less than faith-filled moments. If you are a believer you have a warranty paid for in blood. The great thing about this warranty is that it NEVER expires! This week when you receive unexpected news, encounter a challenging project at work, or find yourself faced with something that you hadn’t planned, budgeted or imagined, let this word encourage you. Whatever it is – IT IS COVERED! Your situation may not turn out like mine. But know this – He who has promised to never leave you nor forsake you has got you covered!

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