Today we celebrate the birth of our King. It’s odd to think of a baby as destined to save the world. But we know He was cause He saved us and is saving us.

This baby was God wrapped in flesh. God stepped down into our world to feel what we feel, laugh as we laugh, cry as we cry, and experience life on earth as we know it. He cared enough to want to understand. He cared enough to put aside His divinity to experience our humanity.

What King do you know who would leave a lavish mansion with all its glitter and glory; to be born a refugee in a smelly barn in a trough where animals eat? A King who wanted His people to know that no matter who you are or where you come from – He sees you, He understands you, and He loves you.

Today we celebrate the birth of our King. May you reign forever in our hearts and through our lives!

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