2020 Update

Hello to everyone in the blogosphere! Thanks for staying engaged with me in my pursuit of shalom! 2019 was an AMAZING year. There were times when I was overwhelmed at the depth of Gods love towards me. He allowed me space and time to heal and grieve. Not only that, but He did it through the outlets of travel and writing. The fact that I never lacked one thing is a testament to the One who provides all things.


So naturally, when you come out of a miraculous season the question becomes – Okay God, What’s next? Where do we go from here? I’ve discovered new rhythms and eliminated old destructive patterns. I know which of my gifts brings me joy and which of them I must use in moderation (because they drain my soul).

After my January fast and a lot of soul searching, here’s what I know:

  • The next phase of my journey is being peeled back in layers. I only see a glimpse of it right now.
  • Writing and traveling are both still a part of my next chapter.
  • I’m surprisingly at peace with not having enough details to draft a five-year plan.
  • I heard one word and it was “BUILD” – not from scratch or from the foundation up – but build from your existing relationships, networks, experiences.

Here’s where you come in my friend! I’m building something new and different and somewhat scary. I’m building a business. But, not just any business. I’m building a business that helps others on their shalom journeys. My target audience is Pastors, Churches, and Non-profit organizations that need trusted advice, administrative support, pastoral care, pulpit supply, and/or strategic planning insight.

More to come in the days that follow. But for now, I’d like to leave you with my company name and tag line. I’d love to hear your thoughts on logo ideas and what God is speaking to you in 2020. I’d also ask that you pray for and with me as I step out into this new endeavor. Let’s build together brothers and sisters!

Shalom Consulting: Providing peace of mind to individuals, Churches, and non-profit organizations in transition.

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