Build: Willingness and Obedience

The bible is full of ordinary people being asked to do extraordinary things by God. Page after page of utter ridiculousness. Build a huge boat that holds two of every kind of animal AND my family? Cross over the Red Sea? Kill a giant? March around a wall? Hang out in a pit with lions? Virginal birth? Just Utter Ridiculousness!

Yet, there it is, the Word of God to the people of God.

Have you ever had God ask you to do something that seemed utterly ridiculous? I have. On multiple occasions. Once, I was asked to accept a job that I was clearly overqualified for. I knew it and the people that hired me knew it. But, God seemed to not know it – because this was the job I was prompted to accept. Are you sure God? I asked, every morning as I prepared for work. How long am I going to be here God? Was my next question. Clearly there is a time limit on this, right God? I murmured. You know I hate this job right God?

I obeyed God but I was NOT willing. In fact, I was the opposite of willing. I was like a child, grumbling and complaining. One Sunday I heard a sermon that convicted my heart. It was Isaiah 1:19. I knew that Word was for me. Over the next week, I intentionally begin changing my confession. I asked God to help me have a willing heart. Long story, short. A few weeks later I was offered a job that I hadn’t applied for because someone at the job that I hated had recommended me as a person of “high character”.

So, as I build in obedience, in spite of uncertainty and setbacks, I’m striving to do so with a willing heart. Knowing that my God has my best interest at heart. When you and I willingly choose to obey we are deciding to TRUST God’s Plans, SUBMIT to God’s Authority, and BELIEVE God’s Truth.

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