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Dreaming Vs. Planning

Have you ever met a person who is a dreamer? They can envision a certain idea, concept, event, future that is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Most dreamers are able to convey their dream to others in ways that spark excitement and passion in the hearer. I love dreamers! They are essential to any team or organization. However, dreamers are not necessarily doers.

In fact, planning and execution are generally not strong characteristics for most dreamers (in my experience). Of course, this frustrates us planners. I mean REALLY frustrates us (I mean me). I consider myself a visionary. My imagination is vivid and I can envision a project, event, sermon, trip, and idea from start to finish. The difference between me and most dreamers is that I LOVE the planning. It invigorates me. I also love to see a plan come together. The final result is the ultimate salute to a well thought out plan.

Honestly, I need radical dreamers to spur my imagination and help me think beyond my comfort zone. Both dreamers and planners are necessary to accomplish your goals. Who in your life spurs you to think, dream, be differently? Is your circle comprised of dreamers and planners?

I tend to stick with what I know and if I’m not exposed to something different I’ll continue to plan the same old things. That is why I love to travel. Travel broadens our minds and spurs our imagination.

My next adventure is to Europe. I’m headed to Paris, London, and Edinburgh. I won’t be posting for a couple of weeks. Follow my Instagram page for pics. I’m off in pursuit of shalom!

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