Build: Bridges

Downtown Jacksonville, Florida Riverfront

It is amazing how many people get nervous when crossing bridges. I was in sunny Jacksonville, Florida last week and was reminded of this by two relatives. These two individuals do NOT like bridges at all. Whether it is due to past trauma, fear of heights/falling, or simply not liking the fact that you are crossing a body of water on a manmade structure – bridges are problematic for a LOT of people.

I happen to like bridges. I think they are remarkable symbols of reconciliation. The fact that I can leave one landmass and travel to another landmass that is separated by water fascinates me. Two things separated by something that is large and unmovable are miraculously connected by a bridge. Bridges take me from the place where I have been to the place where I am going.

If we looked at bridges as conduits, then perhaps they would be less daunting. I can’t get from point A to point B without crossing this bridge. Something good is waiting for me at point B, and this bridge is enabling me to attain it. Without the bridge, I can’t get to where I’m going. The bridge is an ESSENTIAL part of my journey. I’m not meant to stay on the bridge. The bridge is not my destination. I’m just passing over the bridge, on my way to my next assignment.

Some of us treat jobs and people that are meant to be bridges as permanent fixtures in our lives. Don’t be afraid to cross. That person, place, or thing is there to help you cross. Let that bridge serve as a conduit, my friend. Get to the other side and celebrate those things that served as bridges to get you there!

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