When the World is Off Kilter

Do you remember playing with spinning tops growing up? Those glorious toys that you could spin and watch tilt this way and that way. The toy would spin in perfect symmetry for as long as we wanted it to. The gorgeous spinning colors captured our senses and left us in a state of awe and wonder. Truthfully, the best thing about this toy was that the user was in control of the spinning. With a flick of the wrist you could set it off on its merry way, and then you could stop it by placing your hand on top of it.

This last week we’ve watched our world spin out of control. A global pandemic has left us all reeling. Dizzy with facts, misinformation, empty store shelves, and uncertainty, we’re watching it unfold like we watched those spinning tops as a child. However, unlike the spinning tops, we had no control over when the spinning started and we have no control over when it will end. The world is tilted on its axis and completely off-kilter.

Webster’s defines “kilter” as working order or alignment. Coronavirus has us all out of alignment and out of order. So, how do we gain some semblance of order when the world is spinning? Well, again I go back to the spinning top. There was something in the top that stopped it from tipping over. There was a weight in the center that anchored it.

This week as you adjust to the new normal that Corona has thrust upon us, remember your anchored. Your kids are home from school for three weeks. Okay, how do you make memories during this time? You’re working remotely WHILE your kids are at home for three weeks. Okay, how do you have conversations about boundaries and creatively manage this new dilemma? Corona did not take God by surprise. The world is spinning out of control because people are allowing fear to navigate instead of faith. My faith tells me that this too shall pass. My faith tells me that while I’m in it, I should do my best to care for the less fortunate and be a light in the midst of darkness. My anchor is strong and sure. Your anchor will hold during the storm of Corona. Be very sure, your anchor will hold.

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